A Bigger Family, Connecting with Guest Pastors

Here in God’s Abiding Presence Ministries, we always welcome the presence and the privilege of having guest pastors with us. Every now and then, we are given the chance to listen to the teachings of equally enlightened, learned, and anointed pastors who have experienced the mercy and grace of God themselves.

1. Family needs family.
God’s Abiding Presence Ministries is founded in the mission to help and assist people and communities in need. As much as we believe that God has fully equipped us for this calling, we will always be thankful for families from the ministries of other pastors who believe and want to take part of projects. Their support, words of encouragement, and their pastor’s visit to our church to preach can already make a lot of difference to keep us moving towards our goal here on earth that God has impressed upon our hearts.

2. Every pastor’s story; a testimony.
We believe that pastors are people whom God has touched in very special ways. That is why we are always excited to welcome guest pastors who accept our invitation to preach and share their testimony in our pulpit. We are sure that whatever their past experiences may be, everyone are sure to get lessons and inspirations from how God had touched them to become who they are now.

3. We fill in each other’s needs.

Not only do we get encouraged in our ministries when guest pastors visit and speak before our congregation. We also get the chance to know and understand of any help that they may need from us. Every church will always have a mission of its own and if there is any way that our church can help in the mission of the church of our guest pastors, we try as hard as we can to contribute in whatever way possible. After all, that’s what being under God’s family is all about.

Join us every Sunday in our church service and be filled with enlightenment that can only be brought about by the Holy Spirit. We hope that, like us, you will also find pure joy in the Lord and in His word as preached and lovingly exhorted to us by our Pastor Mattie and the guest pastors that we will be privileged to have with us.

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