Blog 6: ADMINISTRATIVE: Working Together in the Church as a Family

There will always be work to be done.

Here in God’s Abiding Presence Ministries, we see victims and hear their stories day in and day out. And not only do our hearts go out to them, but even our lives have been dedicated to improving their lives by, first, introducing them to the Lord, and, second, pursuing projects in the hope of improving their lives. In God’s blessings, we have successfully done both for the last years that we have operated under the leadership of Pastor Mattie.

But the work is not only concentrated in the field. Even in our base and in the church, there are also a lot of tasks that we need to accomplish each day to provide the communities we are in, the communities we are helping, our missionaries, our volunteers, our workers, and our congregation the help and support that they need from the back-end.

1. Organizing and Scheduling.
Being in the administrative part of the ministries requires great planning, organizing, and scheduling skills. With the complexity and the number of programs we are having, a group needs to be dedicated to organize, plan, train people, and schedule these various events to make sure that they all happen flawlessly as they should. Alongside these tasks, the administrative group also takes charge of providing manpower to all these events to make them well-managed, and fruitful-as they ought to be.

2. Ways and Means.
Another task for the administrative team is to make sure that there will be enough funding and resources for events and programs that have been lined up for the church. This task may include doing fundraising activities, inviting volunteers, and looking out for donors who are willing to take part of our activities through the blessings and talents that they have been given. The administrative group sees to it that the people in the field will have everything they need to pursue and realize the programs and the goals that has been previously set for the entire team.

3. Support System.
There will always be in-betweens in everything. That is why the administrative group is always on stand-by to provide help should something urgent and important come up during activities or anytime in the day. They are the customer service representative, the hospitality manager, and the go-to group for almost anything that the field people might need, anytime, anywhere.

Right now, we are very happy that God has blessed us with wonderful people who are working hand-in-hand to accomplish our missions. Indeed, we are more than just a congregation, we are a family. But there are still a lot of work to be done and we will never run out of the need for more volunteers who can help us, from the inside, to get the work done outside. If you are interested, contact God’s Abiding Presence today for information on how to volunteer.

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