About our Church and What We Do

God’s Abiding Presence Ministries is the work started by Pastor Mattie to continue her work in serving the Lord through serving those who have less in the communities she has touched. This ministries has been the fruit of her seeds of compassion, love, and service to mankind, and her faithfulness to God’s calling for the … Continue reading

Blog 6: ADMINISTRATIVE: Working Together in the Church as a Family

There will always be work to be done. Here in God’s Abiding Presence Ministries, we see victims and hear their stories day in and day out. And not only do our hearts go out to them, but even our lives have been dedicated to improving their lives by, first, introducing them to the Lord, and, … Continue reading

A Bigger Family, Connecting with Guest Pastors

Here in God’s Abiding Presence Ministries, we always welcome the presence and the privilege of having guest pastors with us. Every now and then, we are given the chance to listen to the teachings of equally enlightened, learned, and anointed pastors who have experienced the mercy and grace of God themselves. 1. Family needs family. … Continue reading

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