Change the Way You Look at Life with God’s Hand in it All

re you tired from everything that life has thrown to you? Do you feel empty despite having achieved it all? Are you looking for meaning for your seemingly insignificant existence? If you have answered yes to the three, then you have come to the right place, my friend. Here in God’s Abiding Presence Ministries, we … Continue reading

Why Is It Important To Share Your Experiences About God

When I became a Christian and became a part of church groups and ministries, I was surprised to hear about how people have been saved and have experienced the sweet fellowship of God through people who ministered to them or through those who invited them to church where they heard the pastor’s sermon. I was … Continue reading

MATILDA BANGA’s Love For The Community

Inspiring stories of success often move us. But nothing moves us more than success stories which bring praise and glory to the Lord. This is exactly how the story of Matilda Banga, now fondly called Pastor Mattie, has unfolded. Pastor Mattie is a highly-educated and driven woman who started out a career in the field … Continue reading

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