Different Events to Connect to the Community

God’s Abiding Presence Ministries has been founded for the purpose of sharing the love of the Lord by helping those who are in need spiritually, physically, emotionally, and economically. So you will see that more than just being a family rooted in the word of God, we are also a group of compassionate individuals dedicated in providing help and service in the communities we are in.

1. What are our activities for?
Basically, our activities are two-pronged: to spread the word and to do the work. Our first mission really is to introduce God to the communities and families that we touch so we give them the most important thing we can ever share to them, salvation. Second, we do activities and projects that will get them more involved in the work of the Lord which may directly or indirectly help them or their families.

2. Who can take part?
Anyone who has the heart for service are free to join us. We may not be able to remunerate the hours you have spent with us but we are sure that you will surely be rewarded in God’s own time. Even without that, the feeling of being able to help alone can already instill in us the gratitude-attitude that a lot of us needs to have now. It also sanctifies us to be more patient and long-suffering when we, ourselves, face trials of our own. The spiritual rewards are endless and anybody is welcome to partake of them.

3. What is good about community events?

The beauty in doing community events is that it brings people and families closer towards each other. It enables us to fellowship not only inside the church, but outside, where a lot of work needs to be done.

We highly encourage you to watch out for our bulletin to keep yourself updated with the different events we have on-going or coming. You may also visit the office to know more and to sign-up yourselves as volunteers or participants.

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