God is Calling. Join our Ministries!

Do you feel like there is something more to your life than what it offers you now? Do you want to take your service beyond the borders? Can you go one more mile for the Lord?

Here in God’s Abiding Presence Ministry, we are always looking out for souls who want to volunteer for the works that God has set us about. If you answered yes in any of the three questions below, then you are probably who we are looking for.

1. How do you know if you have the heart for service?
Basically, it really comes from the inside. There are people who have gotten their calling from the very start. Like Pastor Mattie, it can be very easy for them to know that it is what they are purposed for because the wanting and the passion to serve come very naturally from the very start. There are also others who are just suddenly burdened by the Lord. It may come through prayer or quiet time, as a call from a friend who needs help, or through a church, like us, who needs volunteers. If you cannot keep your peace because your soul is yearning to take part, then you would know that the Lord is calling you.

2. What ministries can you join in?
God’s Abiding Presence Ministries has a number of ministries that you can choose from. You can visit our church to know more about them and the activities each of them are involved in. Some of these ministries include the following:

  • Women’s International Platform
  • 3. How can you take part?
    We encourage you to visit us to discuss about your initial desire to join us. We will put you under briefing and training so you get a better grasp of what the work will require from volunteers like you. You have no need to worry because the entire family of the congregation will be supporting and praying for you.

    There is a lot of work to be done and the harvest is plenty. We pray that you will listen, discern, and accept God’s calling for you.

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