MATILDA BANGA’s Love For The Community

Inspiring stories of success often move us. But nothing moves us more than success stories which bring praise and glory to the Lord.

This is exactly how the story of Matilda Banga, now fondly called Pastor Mattie, has unfolded. Pastor Mattie is a highly-educated and driven woman who started out a career in the field of law before moving on to working for the pursuit of good governance. One can really say that she could have achieved an easier and more comfortable life if she chose to.

But Pastor Mattie had a different calling, even before she became a pastor to preach the word of God, she was already doing His works through being affiliated with the British Council. Here, she helped people who needed assistance in defending and keeping their human rights through the aid, also, of various organizations. Not only that, she defended the whole region of Sierra Leone by fighting back during the war, through the way she knew best, journalism. Because of these, not only did she help in restoring peace in her homeland, but she was also given the chance to become the Personal Assistant to the President, and became recognized for her outstanding and fearless performance as a journalist.

Despite all these successes, she still decided to pursue further studies in her desire to serve the community more through spreading the word of God through her sermons, and demonstrating the same love through her missionary works. She could have chosen the easier way, but Pastor Mattie chose to get her feet dirty and followed God’s great commission to spread His word and love to everyone who have not yet heard and experience them.

But Pastor Mattie is not alone, there are also a lot of people like her in the world who chose to walk away from the comfortable life for the love of and to serve their communities. Some of them are even in God’s Abiding Presence Ministries with Pastor Mattie. If you want to be like Pastor Mattie and those others who are serving the Lord and the rest of the brethren, then we invite you to be a part of our ministries today.

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