The Importance of Sermons To Enlighten People

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?
(Romans 10:14)

If any of us understands the true meaning and beauty of salvation, we would wish for everyone, even for our enemies, to be saved. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who are yet to hear about the wonderful news of salvation. Not only that, there are still millions out there who do not only need to hear about the saving God but also the loving, generous, merciful, holy, jealous, and even punishing one. Yes, there are still a lot of truths that people have to know, and not knowing them can very simply draw the line between eternal death and eternal life.

Paul has made it very clear in his letter to the Romans that preaching and ministering to people is very important. Let us examine the verse in Romans 10:14 deeper to fully emphasize the importance of teaching and imparting God’s truths to enlighten and save his people.

1. They will call the One they believe in.
A lot of people right now are lost. During trying times, they often have no idea of who or where to turn to. God promises comfort through His loving presence and through His words. But a lot of people do not know that because they do not have the Spirit of God in them. They cannot discern His presence nor His comforting. It is like being spiritually blind and deaf. But if they know about God and what He can offer, they will surely call to and come to Him. They can relax in the loving presence of the one who has said “Come to me, and I will give you rest.”

2. They will believe the one they have heard.
Hearing and knowing God will primarily lead to two things. One, they will get saved once they confess their sins, accept that they cannot save themselves and receive Christ as their only Savior. Second, they will follow the ways of Jesus and obey His commandments. Being saved makes them more willing to obey the good side in them and turn back to their sinful nature. And following Christ will give them a more enlightened mind to do, speak, and think of what is good and pleasurable to God.

3. They will only hear if somebody preaches to them.
The key to them being saved and following Christ is to be given the chance to hear the truth in God’s words. In this world, people can be subjected to so many ideologies and philosophies that they miss hearing the one truth that matters. If only people are founded in the truth, they will not only be saved for eternity, but they will be enlightened to think about holy things, do noble acts, and speak of gentle words in this lifetime. They will not be torn between what God and what the world tells them. We can only help them do that if we share the truth to them – truth that is in the bible.

So to us who have been given the privilege to know and fellowship with the Lord, we make it our life’s calling to share the grace that we have received to other people. We do this through the sermons that we preach in the pulpit or even through our lives that serve as living testimonies. But if you have a special burden from the Lord to preach and make sermons that are led by the Holy Spirit, we invite you to join us as we reach more people to enlighten and to save through God’s holy word.

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