Why Is It Important To Share Your Experiences About God

When I became a Christian and became a part of church groups and ministries, I was surprised to hear about how people have been saved and have experienced the sweet fellowship of God through people who ministered to them or through those who invited them to church where they heard the pastor’s sermon. I was surprised because my story is entirely different.

Before I became a Christian, I thought I already was. I listened to sermons Sunday after Sunday, prayed every day and was doing good things (which I even believed were better than most people). I really had no idea what being a real Christian is like. I thought I knew God. I knew He knew me well. But I never realized that we can have a relationship and we can fellowship. I always thought of God as a concept, not someone who can really be experienced.

So I realize now that if only there was someone who took the time to tell me how it’s like to really experience God, perhaps I would have known that there can be more to what I had then.

1. I would have known that sermons are more than just lessons.
Despite going to church every Sunday, the things I learned are only temporarily kept in my mind, easily forgotten the next day. Have I known that the words of God are food to my soul, I would have craved for more. I would have not just opened my bible on Sundays, but every day, and whenever possible. Because if you truly and to truly experience God, you will thirst for more of Him, more of His words, more of His lessons, and more of His presence.

2. I would have known that praying is a two-way communication.
Had anyone told me what praying to God is really like, I would have not burdened myself memorizing long prayers and trying to impress the Lord with my robust vocabulary. No, I would have been more personal. Praying is such an intimate way of being one with God in silence and solitude. It is one of the best ways to really experience him – where he listens and answers. That is only if I had known.

3. I would have known that my good works will not win me my salvation.
If only somebody told me how the salvation and the gift of God’s presence are really gifts – meaning not worked for – I would not have belabored too much to win it for myself. The saving grace and the presence of God is there for all of us to experience. Since it is a gift, all we really have to do is accept it and it will be ours.

You see, I would have known and done more if only somebody had approached me early on to tell me about his own experience with God. But I don’t blame anyone. I don’t even believe that God forgot to send me someone. I believe He intended it for the good; so I would know how important it is to reach out to others who like me was in the dark.
By volunteering in the ministries, I get to share my story. I get to touch lives. I get to lead people to Jesus. All these I have done because He made me experience Him. And I will forever be recounting my previous, present, and future experiences with Him to lead more souls to His loving presence.

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